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Exterior of Modern Garage

Garage Doors

We want the products we supply to stand out the very best in quality and choice to all of our customers. So A + Windows uses manufacturers for garage doors such us Hormann and Garador.


Hörmann is a German manufacturer of doors, garages, door frames, and gates for commercial and private real estate. Operating globally, the family-owned business. This leadership has been attained through decades of continuous growth as a result of innovation, ensured quality and proximity to the customer. The company has 26 specialized plants in Europe, North America and Asia, and more than 6,000 personnel.
Founded in 1935 by August Hörmann, the Hörmann Group has produced and delivered 15 million doors worldwide.



Remote Control for Garage Door

Originally formed as part of Westland’s Engineers Ltd in 1948, as part of a diversification strategy away from military products, Garador Limited was setup to manufacture one piece garage doors.

Today, Garador is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of Up and Over, Side-hinged, Sectional and GaraRoll roller garage doors.

All Garador products are produced with your safety and security in mind and are therefore certified and approved by independent established institutes to ensure they are safe. All doors are manufactured to ensure they comply with European Safety standard BS EN 13241.


WIŚNIOWSKI is one of the most dynamically developing brands in the construction industry. As a
leading manufacturer of gates, windows, doors and fences, it applies a strategy of providing products of
the highest quality based on innovative technological solutions.


To meet the ever-growing demand for products, it was necessary for the company to implement
solutions in the field of automation and robotization of production. Industry 4.0 is a path that
WIŚNIOWSKI has been following for 15 years. Individualization of products with simultaneous further
mass production and increased productivity and labor efficiency significantly reduced processing costs.
All these improvements also allow the brand's products to be dynamically adapted to the specific
requirements of foreign markets. In processes based on Industry 4.0 solutions, the risk of error is
minimized by limiting the number of intermediaries in the transmission of production data. Information
about the product selected by the customer goes directly to the vending machines responsible for its
production. This speeds up the process and allows you to better control it.

WIŚNIOWSKI is the undisputed leader in the implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions in the production
of gates, windows, doors and fences, and the three decades of the company's operation are also an
evolution of the approach to design, design and intelligent technology. Beauty is therefore another
function in WIŚNIOWSKI products, so needed by today's customers. Hence the decision to create a
collection of gates, windows, doors and fences in one design - the Home Inclusive system, as well as to
develop the palette of patterns, colors and structures. All this follows the principle that WIŚNIOWSKI has
followed since its inception: "a luxury product is one that meets all - literally all - customer expectations".

Remote Control for Garage Door

The highest quality of products ensures comfortable and safe use for many years, and thanks to the
SmartCONNECTED function, access to the house is no longer conditioned by a keychain.
SmartCONNECTED allows you to control gates and doors with an electric lock from anywhere in the
world thanks to the modern io-homecontrol technology. WIŚNIOWSKI is an industry pioneer in smart
home solutions.

The WIŚNIOWSKI offer includes:

garage doors - sectional

aluminum windows and facades

roller shutter

doors - external aluminum


tilt and turn


fire doors

property fences

industrial gates - sectional

roller shutter and suspended-sliding gates

industrial fences - sliding gates

double- and single- leaf gates

folding gates and mesh panels

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