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 Window Fixer

Installation Windows & Doors

In order to provide the best service to our customers, we have supplemented the sale of products with professional installation services for windows, doors and other products available in our offer. Our team of professionals will perform the appropriate service in a reliable and professional manner. Each installation of windows or doors is always carried out in accordance with applicable standards, regulations and manufacturers' recommendations. At the customer's request, we also make alterations and plaster finishing of window and door openings. In the course of our activity, we have managed to gain extensive experience, which is supported by growing trust and positive opinions of our clients.

What do we offer as part of the installation of windows?

We are characterized by a comprehensive approach to window installation. We offer the possibility of
individually arranging the details of our services according to your preferences. Our specialists assemble
and disassemble aluminum, wooden and PVC windows. Our specialists have many years of experience,
as well as the latest knowledge and necessary skills in this field.

Window Installation
Installation of external and internal doors
Fixing a Door

Our offer also includes the installation of external and internal doors. Regardless of whether we are
dealing with classic doors, anti-burglary or with glazing, the installation is always done professionally and
in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Our offer also includes professional measurement,
consulting and minor machining at the customer's request. Correct installation of external doors ensures
safety, acoustic and thermal comfort.

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