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Day and night roller blind - what is it?

The day and night roller blind is a modern version of classic roller blinds. It has a different material and mechanism of action. It consists of two types of fabric. Thanks to this, it is extremely versatile, because it can only slightly protect against excessive sunlight, and completely block the access of light. The name "day night" comes from the fact that the cover works perfectly regardless of the time. It is extremely functional in living rooms, youth rooms, bedrooms, offices, etc.

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How does a day and night roller blind work?


Classic blinds cover the window thanks to the material being rolled out. By lowering it and raising it, you
can adjust the amount of light entering and the degree of visibility from the outside. Day and night blinds
can also be rolled up, but they allow for much more. Their material consists of two types of fabric: a
material with a specific transparency and color, and a transparent mesh.

They are arranged alternately, therefore the cover has characteristic stripes. The fabric is folded in two
layers, so it can be moved. In this way, you can arrange the belts to overlap or not. This gives you a lot
of freedom and gives effects that are somewhat reminiscent of the blinds.

By putting on the day and night roller blind, you get two in one - effective protection against light and
people's eyesight from the outside, and a delicate eye protection against sun rays. You can really freely
adjust the lighting conditions in the room. It is very convenient and functional. Thanks to this, you do not
have to, for example, install roller shutters with curtains - one cover will fulfill all tasks!

Why is it worth having day and night blinds in your home?

Day and night roller blinds are not only very comfortable in everyday use. According to many people and
designers, the characteristic stripes on the fabric are visually very interesting. Such a cover immediately
catches the eye and decorates the interior. It fits perfectly with modern, minimalistic apartments. Delicate
colors are universally discreet, and intense, dark colors give the cover its character.


The A + Windows offer includes not only a huge selection of various materials, but also assembly
methods. Thanks to this, you can create a perfectly matched installation that will meet all expectations. It
is worth choosing such a cover, because it is one of the best and most fashionable ways to arrange

The day and night roller blind is an unusual window cover. It is a really convenient solution, combining
the features of a roller shutter and blinds. If you want to cleverly, practically and aesthetically cover your
windows, choose this type!

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