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Glass Window


We work with world-class suppliers such as Veka, Real, Rehau and Fakro. This allows access to a wide variety of colours and styles, thanks to which every customer will find solutions that match the style of their home.


Has been leading the global development of PVCU window systems for over 50 years, through design, innovation and customer focus. With factories in over 40 countries across Europe, Asia, America and Russia, VEKA is the world’s largest manufacturer of extruded PVCU products. As the UK’s leading PVCU supplier, VEKA is shaping living spaces one window, door or home at a time.




Your house is worth REAL Aluminium Strong, slim profiles, long-lasting quality materials, and a finish
that will complement your home’s design whatever the style. Enjoy the benefits of modernity, effortless
style and performance for all your quality projects.
REAL Aluminium windows, doors and glazed roof systems offer unsurpassed elegance and durability,
leaving your project looking beautiful for years to come.

Why choose Aluminium
Aluminium is the material of choice for astute Architects and has quickly caught the imaginations of
homeowners and commercial business owners, helping them realise their visions for a more
contemporary look. Aluminium is also durable, easy to clean, sleek in design and strong. And it
represents exceptional lifetime value for money.


Established in 1991, FAKRO is dynamic, innovative and one of the fastest growing manufacturers of roof windows in the world, with around 15% of the global market at present.
FAKRO products are available in UK via all major builder’s merchants and distributors.
The company invests heavily in the continued development of their product range:
wooden and aluminium-clad plastic windows offering different; designs and opening methods; flat roof windows; flashings; automatic control; access roof lights; light tunnels; smoke ventilation; accessories for roof windows: Venetian blinds, pleated blinds, internaland external roller shutters, external awning blinds; installation accessories; roofing membranes and underlays.




Were one of the first companies in the UK to produce and sell uPVC window systems and today one in seven uPVC windows fitted in the UK are made from REHAU profile, making they the largest single producer of uPVC window and door systems.

Designed with you in mind, replacement windows and doors made from REHAU profile will enhance the look of your property, last for years and improve your home’s energy efficiency, helping you save money on your heating bills.

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