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The gate is tailored to your needs

Each garage door, wide or narrow, as well as sectional, rolling, tilt or turn, requires a properly prepared entrance opening, e.g. a solid lintel with an appropriate span is needed above a wide opening. Various technological aspects mean that the number and type of gates should be considered at the design stage of the house, and at the latest when it is built. If the family has one car, the decision is easy - the garage with one parking space is closed with a gate, preferably in standard dimensions (models in typical sizes with the necessary equipment can be purchased at a reasonable price). On the other hand, if the household members use two cars and have built a correspondingly larger parking space on them, they must determine whether they prefer one wide gate or two narrower ones. The second option works better when cars are needed at different times of the day.

Types of garage doors


Up-and-over gates (also known as plate gates).


This is the most popular type of gate. To open the up-and-over door, you need a place in front of the garage, as the lower part of the door extends outside the garage. Therefore, if the driveway is small, do not choose this gate.

Sectional (sectional) gates.


Sectional doors are upper and side. When opening, they do not occupy the space in front of the garage, so they are a good solution where the driveway is short. Sectional doors also work well in garages facing the street. They are also much more tight than overhead doors, so it is worth installing them in heated garages. Sectional doors can also be used in openings with an arched lintel.


Rolling gates (called shutter).


Roller shutters work like a window roller blind and take up the least space. They are very convenient to use, but not all manufacturers offer it. Rolling shutters can be purchased immediately with an electric drive.

Criteria for choosing a garage door

The price is no longer the main criterion for purchasing a garage door. Reliability, energy efficiency, aesthetics and good service are more important. The most important recently decisive criterion for the selection of building materials is how they can reduce the operating costs of buildings. That is why, for example, customers choosing a garage door in a block of a building prefer to buy a more expensive, but well-insulated garage door, and then save on energy costs for years. A one-time greater expense will bring significant savings in heating costs in the long run. The aesthetics is also an increasingly important criterion, as the gate becomes an important element of the facade, often emphasizing and sometimes giving the building its character. That is why a wide range of patterns, colors and decors is so important. Customers also pay attention to reliability and safety, they are aware that a safe gate should be inspected from time to time. A professional inspection will only be provided by a manufacturer with an established reputation, having an appropriate service network.

Finishing and equipment for garage doors

Garage door materials.


Garage doors are most often made of sheet steel, aluminum or wood. There are also gates made of copper sheet or aluminum covered with bronze or copper.

Garage door with or without insulation.


If the garage is heated and built into the house, and you decide to use a sheet metal gate, it is better to choose the insulated version. It is possible to install a non-insulated garage in an unheated free-standing garage.

Garage door with or without a drive?


Garage doors are equipped with locks that lock them in one, two or three places. Each gate can be opened with a key. Its lifting is facilitated by handles placed in such a place that it requires the use of as little force as possible. For the convenience of using the garage, the door should be equipped with an electric drive. This will allow you to open the gate with the remote control - without getting out of the car.

Additional equipment for garage doors.


If you want to illuminate the garage, you can order a door with windows. They are usually square or rectangular, and they can also be oval or triangular. The gates can also have entire glazing belts.
An additional element is also the wicket door installed in the door leaf.

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